Recent clients

  • Through The Doorway (to Healthy Living) Shrewsbury: Supporting  classes in the community for the last 15 or-so years.
  • The Qube Oswestry: regular Tai Chi and Art classes in the centre and out in the community with the ‘Ow Bist?’ programme.
  • Bryn Tanat Wellness programme.
  • Carer’s Contact Shropshire: Workshops for social carers.
  • Local schools: Classes and demonstrations for all ages.
  • Social Services: Regular sessions tailored for those with Special Needs.
  • Drug and alcohol rehab: Regular therapeutic sessions.
  • Open College Network: ‘Awayday’ team building sessions.
  • Mental Health Services: Regular courses for Service Users.
  • NHS courses and workshops.
  • Community Centres: Classes for those with Arthritis and other related complaints
  • Birmingham International Dance Festival: Workshops to promote ‘Sutra’, a Sadler’s Wells dance and Chinese Shaolin Temple Monks. Set design by Anthony Gormley.
  • Falls Prevention:  links with clinics.
  • The Berriew Festival of Arts at the Andrew Logan Museum.
  • The Mayfair Healthy Living Centre, Church Stretton: classes from 2002 to 2014.
  • Shropshire RCC (Rural Community Council): Lunchtime classes for busy people!
  • Private One-To-One instruction.

James Lanyon, chief instructor, has been a Martial Artist for over 40 years and has taught Tai Chi Chuan in Shropshire since 1993.  As a member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB) since 2002 he is insured for professional practice.  He also has regular CRB checks. He is committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and attends Tai Chi workshops with other teachers every year.
James’s early experience in The Eastern Arts was through Karate and Aikido. He first encountered Tai Chi with Bronwyn Hipkin in the early 1980s. Bron taught James The Peking Short Form, and was one of the first pioneers of Tai Chi Teaching in the UK, along with her teacher, Pytt Geddes. Since 2000 James has been fortunate to have trained with both Dee Swift and John Bolwell in the Lake District, attending all of their Summer Schools, learning “Many Things”!
With an interest in Japanese Art and Culture James conducts learning sessions in schools, drawing on an extensive ‘handling collection’ of netsuke, Noh masks, Kimono and Woodblock Prints.
James has lived in Shropshire for nearly 30 years. A lifelong Environmentalist, he attended a local Agricutural College worked for many years as a Countryside Officer. The family maintain an allotment and are passionate about organic food. James has an MA in ‘History, Heritage and Society’ and has professional qualifications in Clinical Chemistry.

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