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Our speciality is being able to adapt a style of teaching most appropriate to you and the nature of the other students.
These groups often differ greatly, so we draw from a wide range of forms and practices:

Very exciting and new for 2020:

The Tai Chi Flute and White Monkey Staff Forms
(as taught to John Bolwell by Danny Connor in the early 1970s.)
Chen Tai Chi Ball Form.
Four-directions weapons forms: as taught by Dee and John on last year’s superb Summer School in the Lake District.

Other forms and sequences taught:

The Original Peking Short Form (24-Step);
(The first form taught to James by Bronwyn Hipkin 30-something years ago!)

Lung H’sing: Dragon Form Chi Gung

5 Element Chi Gung (and variations)

Pencat Silat Indonesian Form

8 Treasures/Pieces of Brocade Chi Gung

Meridian Cleansing Chi Gung

Heaven & Earth Cycle 12 Chi Gung

The Golden Thread Form

The 8 positions of Ba Gua: Circle Walking

Zhang Jongg; Standing Like a Tree

Snake Form Chi Gung (ex- Joan Smith)

Moon Form; Partner Chi Gung

The Yin Yang Qigong Set

Master Calligrapher Chi Gung

John Bolwell’s Snake Form – We are having much fun learning this one

Five Celestial Creatures Chi Gung

Taoist WuXi Gong – a variant of the ‘Heaven & Earth’ Set

Ba Gua I Ching 8-part Qigong sequence –  a wonderful ‘walking’ form.

Chen style Ball Form

Four-directions weapons forms.

Tai Chi Sabre, Staff, Straight Sword and numerous other drills and learning techniques…

Credit must go to Dee Swift and John Bolwell for many of the above, and for their excellent coaching over the last 20 years.

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